Friday, November 24, 2006

My answer to the question: How was your thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving...a time to sit back and relax while everyone does the work and the day comes together seamlessly right? Not this year...this year holds a special place in my heart for being the most hilarious, most fun, most absolutely ghetto thanksgiving ever. My good friend Lauren and i decided since we were both stuck here working for thanksgiving, we would join her sister and niece for a nice thanksgiving. Well, on Wednesday, Lauren informed me that her sister was going to VA, and we would have the apartment to ourselves for Thanksgiving. She also had to work on Thanksgiving until 2. At 2 o'clock she called me and told me she was on her way to get her stuff and pick me up. We piled into the car with all of the stuff we had bought the night before to make all of our yummy thanksgiving traditions.

We got to the apartment and started the turkey. Her sister had bought the turkey for us and got a turkey bag to keep that fine fowl nice and juicy. Well, the box said not to use the bag for anything under 8lbs and our turkey was 5.63lbs, we, close enough! Then we couldn't find the little tie that was supposed to come with the bags, so since we had extra room in the bag...cause our turkey was small, i came up with the idea to tie a knot in it. Then with the turkey in, we decided to start a movie and start everything else a little later. We set the laptop on the coffee table and popped Cars in. It is one of the funniest movies in the world. So we watched the movie for a while and paused it to make our side dishes...this process lasted all night and the movie we started at 3:30 was finally finished at 7:00.

We made the traditional dishes turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean caserole, rolls... It was interesting. First of all we are two girls who haven't seen an oven in months let alone used took awhile to get back in the groove (i miss cooking, and now that i did one night i want to do it again!!). Then we went to get a pot to make our mashed potatoes in...except there wasn't we used a little pan and kept an eye on it so it didn't boil over. Then i had the job of mashing them...except there was no potato i used a big metal spoon and a fork...they were pretty lumpy. Since we didn't have another pan, Lauren's mom told us we could make the sweet potatoes in the microwave, we did. My hand was killing me from trying to shove a fork in the rock hard sweet potatoes, so they wouldn't explode in the microwave (which they didn't). Since dinner was taking just about an eternity to make, we decided to eat a piece of the cheesecake i had made before i left the dorm. I was a little nervous about how it would taste since i had to make it with a disposable spoon and a bowl that was not nearly big enough (trying to beat cream cheese with a disposable spoon was not easy), but it was AWESOME...if i may say so myself. After the turkey came out of the oven an hour after the time said it would (it just wouldn't cook all the way and we didn't feel like dying from undercooked turkey), i started to put the rolls in...except there was no cookie sheet to put them on...once again the art of improvisation triumphed and i used a muffin tin. After I put them in, as i was closing the oven, i looked down to find the elusive bag ties for the turkey oven bag. O well, the turkey was already done.

While we cooked everything, we decided to make use of the washer which did not require the use of quarters. While i was in the kitchen doing something productive (i don't exactly remember what) i heard Lauren scream. Well, the washer had eaten her brand new pajama pants. What else could we do except take the washer apart...which we did surprisely easily.

Our Thanksgiving dinner turned out surprisingly good, and we settled down to watch some well-earned television. At about 10:30 we decided we wanted the cookies that we had bought to bake..except as i have already said, there was no cookie sheet, so we left in search of a walmart...after driving around for about 20 minutes we found one, bought our cookie sheets and some containers to take our food back to the dorms in and headed back to the apartment where i did dishes while we waited for the cookies to bake. By the time they were done, neither of us really wanted them, but we both ate one before we headed to the couch to watch tv into the wee hours of the morning. America's funniest videos is way funnier at 1am than any other time i have ever watched it. Well, since this post is pretty much the longest thing ever...i am going to end it. I have a thousand more stories that will just have to wait for another time.


Adrienne said...

LOL! That's going to be me someday... I can just see it now...

markus said...

I ate! Slept! and Ate! Slept! can you guess what next?

Thank God for Turkey......and PIe!