Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is it possible to be happy and sad about the same thing at the same time?

So today is a day of mixed emotions. Last night i found out that my youth director, (The best youth director in the WHOLE world) is leaving to be the camp director at Southland Christian camp in Louisana. It is really sad because he is a part of my life, and he helped guide me to where i am today. But it is EXCITING because this is so perfect for him, and now instead of impacting a handful of teens, he can help hundreds every year. I am going to miss him and his family (especially his family) so much, but God knows exactly where he is going to go. And now the search for a youth director begins so pray for my church that we find just the right person.

Now for those of you at southland that may have stumbled across my site. You are getting the greatest person in the WHOLE WORLD!!! So take care of him and his family. I hope you love his wife and his girls half as much as we do. Let him be makes life fun...i don't know how many times i laughed every time we had an activity. Don't make fun of him for ironing everything. If he wants to take you to visit, Al Crestle the car salesman, make sure there is a "lie detector." don't let him make the teens play in the gym in the middle of winter with no heat(but i guess this won't be a problem in LA). Let him lead the way he feels he should; he is one of the most godly men i know. And most of all, LET HIM COME VISIT US occasionally.

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Adrienne said...

AMEN sister! I'm gonna miss him too!