Friday, November 10, 2006

What's going around

So what is it that's going around Crown. What is it that even the most selfish people seem to be sharing? Not the latest gossip about which faculty member is going bald, not the secret to passing a Dalton quiz, and it's not even a new way to cook chicken. Nope, the lastest thing at Crown, getting mono. Yep, that's right...get so sick that you want to stay in bed forever. Two girls in my dorm have it, and i am not excited about that at all. I am super exhausted and i know i need to get some sleep to make my immune system semi-normal, but as one of my friends said, "College is made up of studying, sleeping, and having fun. Unfortunately, you can only pick two." Normally i don't pick sleep.

O here is a shocker, Crown won the basketball game last night. Maybe this season will be better than the other 2 seasons i have witnessed. Yesterday was preregistration. That normally means sleep and general slacking, but not for me, not yesterday. I got up pretty much at dawn to go to the teacher's center (a paradise for education majors) and worked on projects all day, and i haven't even started my 6 notebooks.

Wow i feel really negative and sarcastic in this blog. I am going to blame that on my lack of sleep. I'm off to daycare! And it's not raining!!


Adrienne said...

wow... that is rather nagative and sarcastic! I have a bone to pick with you and Mike, how come I comment on your blogs all the time, and you never comment on mine, and yet expect me to post new entries all the time????

contrary mary said...

Ok, well i guess i don't have the right address cause i can't find any entries!

spinnerchick14 said...

Aw, you used my quote! Happiness