Friday, November 03, 2006

Evil veggies and lessons learned

So this might be a long i said Tuesday was Reformation day (many ppl refer to this day as Halloween). Some of my friends and i went about a week ago and carved pumpkins. Now i know that some of the people that read this may be gasping that i carved an evil vegetable (charles), but i think it was pretty cool. I was pretty excited with how it turned out...yeah i know small things ammuse small minds. You know it's funny how when you turn a certain age you get "too cool" to do certain things, and then you get to college, and you want to do them all over again.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had developmental psychology. Normally i really enjoy that class cause it is more discussion, and i love having an opinion on certain subjects...imagine that me opinionated. Well yesterday, the lecture was on character. Pretty much everything he said about people with low character referred to me. I never thought i was lacking character before, but my lack of discipline to get up in the morning, finish homework assignments, and complete other things makes me a character lacking oaf. I guess some of you knew that and now you are breathing a sigh of relief that i have been brought to that realization.

O!! I might be going to Chattanooga tomorrow!!! We are thinking about touring an underground cave. I haven't done that since i was 8 or 9, and i loved it then. Lauren has off work on a Saturday...gasp. I think this is the first time since....ummmm....well i can't remember a time when she didn't have to. And i am VERY excited because if everything works out heather and (the other) amber might get to go too. This is really what college is all about, making friends, making memories, and wasting money!! I really do think it's true that the most important lessons you learn have nothing to do with the classes you take. Just think of all the things you've learned...time with a week or so of pretty much no to live semi-healthy on fast food and walmart...dealing with people you don't really like...dealing with people who don't like you...freezing in a dorm where the heat on your side of your hall is messed up. Well i think that's enough for now...just learn the lessons that come your way, don't let them pass you by. I'm off to chapel...i'm staying awake without candy...yea!

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