Saturday, March 03, 2007

More than just content

I am trying to be content, but i don't just want to be content. I want to have a great time and learn a plethora of things (about life and myself and if im lucky "religion in america"). I want to experience everything i can. I don't want to leave this place, look back and only see that i was "content" my last semester. Right now, i am dying to get out of here, and get on with my life. I want to go to the next place i know God has for me, but i feel like i might be getting the cart before the horse (please excuse the horrible cliche). I know God is leading me to Maranatha next year, but i also know that God has me here for one more semester for a reason. I know there is something here i am supposed to learn, but i just want to get on with it. I need to be more than just content, and let God work.

Now with that all off my brain, i have had an awesome weekend. Last night, Lauren, Amber, Am, Heather, and i hit the mall, roaming around for most of the night, and then hitting McKay's (used bookstore where i spend far too much money) when the mall closed. After an extremely uneventful visitation (not one person home and a few vacant houses in a part of town that wasn't the cleanest or safest looking...and i was getting annoyed because no one is ever home) and lunch, Heather, Am, and i headed downtown. We don't go downtown often, although i really don't know why because it is a ton of fun just walking around and taking dumb pics. We started with Book Eddy, another really cool bookstore that sells old, used books. i walked around for a while checked out the new additions to their eclectic decor and then retreated to the truck to read the book i had already brought with me. About the time i started to fall asleep in the front of a truck in downtown knoxville, Am and Heather came out, and we headed for the river. i had never been to the river, but one visit has me hooked. It's beautiful and a ton of fun to roam around. When the camera died, we decided to get a bite to eat, so here we sit... i love downtown.

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