Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Please pray

Well, I know i just posted 2 days ago, and most likely no one read it, but i have a need to post again. This time it is to ask all my friends to pray. I guess i could tell the 3 of you that read this sometime, but i am hoping that by getting this out in on the web, more people can pray. I found out today that my aunt has cancer. It started in her kidney and spread to her liver, spine, lymph nodes, and lungs. I don't know very much about her chances, but with God all things are possible. More importantly than her health is her spiritual condition. To my knowledge, she isn't saved. I am praying that this will give my family a chance to witness to her. Also please pray for the rest of my dad's family, none of them are saved, and i am praying that we will be able to witness to them. They have had a rough time with cancer in the family. My grandma died of cancer, my aunt (by marriage) also died of cancer, my dad had cancer, and now my aunt.

Thanks for praying!

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