Monday, March 19, 2007

Utter Amazement at the goodness of God

This weekend is Spring Break. For me, just those words stir up pictures of home, family, friends, and those who are closest to me. One thing hit me differently this time when i returned home. I guess like every other person who leaves home, I didn't really think the big things would ever change. I mean i expected more faces at church, and new buildings would spring up around my community, but never anything big. This time i was hit in the face with change, and i was hit hard. It was a strange impact, not something that hurt too much, just a sudden and forceful jab. I guess the main changes that struck me were those at church. I walked into sunday school this morning to the same great class i have for the past three years of visits home and summer vacation. It was different, people i didn't recognize, people i have known forever are married, and even a new person teaching. I walked over to church after (our sunday school is in another building than our church), and the whole auditorium was packed out. The auditorium even had a few changes, including extra chairs on the platform to contain the massive choir that continues to grow, and a projector thing (which my pastor informed me was a four thousand dollar projector thing) hanging from the ceiling. The choir made their way to the platform, and there weren't enough chairs for us. Service started and our new staff made announcements and led music. There were so many new faces, i didn't know which were first time visitors and which were now regular attenders. I just couldn't stop thinking of the goodness of God that i saw has been working since i have been gone. God is allowing my church to grow, and i am so excited to see where it is going.

Another update on my aunt...she was admitted to the hospital on Friday because some of her levels were low, and while she was there, she started to have trouble breathing. The doctors think her lungs have partially collapsed. This put off the kidney removal pretty much indefinitely. Her only chance now is prayer. Please pray!!! Please pray for her spiritually. She isn't open right now to having anyone come and talk to her. Pray that God will soften her heart.

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