Monday, November 19, 2007


Whoever thought of grinding up beans off of a tree, running hot water through them, and then adding milk and sugar is the winner of today's most important innovation of all time award. Tomorrow starts the beginning of our Thanksgiving break and this past weekend i went to Chicago. That leaves a lot of work to do with little (actually no) time to do it. So, i have become accustomed to...okay slightly dependent....alright already, i've become addicted to a cup of coffee on mornings that i wake up before 7:30am. Along with those "early morning" cups of coffee, i have recently been forced to stay up utill all hours of the night to finish assignments that have been piling up and refuse to be delayed any longer. Last night...or was it this morning, i was up until 4:30...yeah thats a.m, but i finished my paper, and i plan on enjoying a massive afternoon nap. I should have just hooked up a caffeine iv to keep me going. I am about to go to psychology...and try to sit through the whole class and stay awake. I need another cup of coffee...

On a subject that has nothing to do with (well except maybe to explain th reason as to why my paper wasn't done) my sleep depravation, Chicago was amazing. We left on Friday afternoon and arrived at Rachel's grandparent's house to a yummy dinner that her grandma "threw together" (it was amazing....i'd like to see a meal that she actually plans out). Then we went to her aunts house, after arriving, we went to Kohl's at 1030 at night and proceeded to shop until midnight. The next day we got up, and i went to David's Bridal with two of her aunt's friends while Rachel went to the airport to pick up her other aunt and uncle. Then we hit downtown! Chicago was amazing....i just loved being downtown anywhere. Overall it was an amazing weekend.
This is the Hershey's store in downtown Chicago.

Here we were just a little bored at Gap

Look!!!! It's Erie Street!!! I was so excited...and yeah it is in reference to Lake Erie!!! Can you tell i miss home???

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