Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jesus loves me...

So we sang a pretty profound song in chapel yesterday. It's a song i sing every Sunday, yet there are times it just hits me what its really saying. It's Jesus Loves Me. How simple is the truth that He does, and how amazing. Ok, so right now im going to rewrite the prolly won't be all that great, but its my blog and i can do whatever i want :-)

Jesus loves me despite my sin
When i let the world come in
He who died to set me free
Has to watch me live for me

Jesus loves me i know its true
He shows it every day anew
Yet i live life my own way
Never pausing just to pray.

Jesus loves me when i fall
And He watches over all
He picks me up and heals my pain
Then lets me down to try again

Jesus loves me and i pray
For desire to serve Him every day
Help me to my Lord be true
Serving Him in all i do.

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