Thursday, March 06, 2008

Give me a (spring) break!

What kind of teacher schedules a test on the first day of spring break?? That is the question i am asking myself right now. Tomorrow, after classes, i leave for spring break, but first, two of my teachers have decided its the perfect day to have a test. So, i should be studying, but am i? Of course not, im going home for spring break tomorrow. Probability and statistics and National government are the farthest things from my mind. Instead, i have to think about packing and white glove, and going to the mall on saturday, and all those other fun things i get to do. I'm spending more time making plans than learning the political process. I am packing more than figuring out the equations of probability. And, i am sitting here blogging instead of filling out study guides.

Anyway, i'm going home tomorrow!!!!! I seriously can't wait, but unfortunately i have to go study....ugh...this is cruel and unusual

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