Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Bliss

I've been home for a few days, and i have yet to post about my adventures, so here it goes. I finally got home sunday. And i stress finally... my flight got cancelled on friday and delayed several hours on saturday. I finally made it into a snowy columbus on saturday night on what my dad informed me was one of only 10% of flights that they even let land in that made me feel pretty special. Then we had to stay another night in Columbus because the roads were in pretty sad shape. So early sunday morning we pulled out and started on our way home. We made it into Erie around 2pm and headed out to lunch for my dad's birthday, now a day late because of the delays caused by Columbus's terrible weather. I finally got to go to good old wcbc for church that night, and i was super excited to see every one. We had an awesome activity, and charles went home and got super sick. Then monday night, with charles finally feeling better, we headed out to our church basketball game...and they won!!! Tuesday (today), i got up and said goodbye to my bro :-( and then went and ordered my bridesmaid's dress for amber's wedding :-) Finally i ended the day today (or at least the eventful part) by going to a basketball game and burger king with mark and one of his friends. so there's my spring break in a nutshell...its been fun...

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