Saturday, April 09, 2011

Another Book Review!

Combine Spanish and reading...and you have combined two of my favorite things and made me very happy. Because my readers primarily do not speak Spanish, I will write my review of this book in English. I know you all are very happy with that decision. I just completed Verde by Ted Dekker. Of course, the English version is called Green. This is the fourth book in his Circle series. The author still refers to the series as a trilogy, calling Green, "Book 0," but that's not really something I can do. Now, on to the book, because I read it in Spanish, it took a considerable amount of time, but, while I'm not saying it was an "easy" read by any means, the author writes in a way that I could use context clues and understand what was going on without pulling out a Spanish dictionary. The storyline kept me gripped enough that I wanted to keep reading even when I found it difficult.

The first three books stand in my mind as three of my favorite all time books. This book, though good, does not yet join them in that ranking. I may have to read in English to pick up on all the little nuances written into this book. I would also need to review Saint, Showdown, and Sinner, as they have a HUGE role in this book. I usually find if fascinating that Dekker can tie all of his books together, but I found it kind of annoying in this book. Overall, the book was a very fun read, and the translation was very helpful to keeping my Spanish skills sharpened.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher...

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