Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are you sure it's only been a week?

This has been one of the longest weeks of my life. Not sure why exactly. It hasn't been particularly hard or easy. I DID get to sub EVERYDAY this past week which is VERY exciting. Every day that Im in a classroom, I get a reaffirmation that this is EXACTLY what i want to do for the rest of my life. I began the week teaching fifth grade. It was fun. It's an age group I really enjoy. We had an assembly which was one of the most interesting of my life. It was a motivational speaker...and...well...I'll just leave his website here for you guys and let you decide what you think ( It was definitely an experience...but it feels like it was a year ago. On Tuesday, I got to sub for my cooperating teacher! SOOO I had my third graders! I miss them so much. I let them have a quick Q & A time since I haven't seen them in forever. One little girl asked, "Where do you work?" lol. They are just ASTOUNDED that teachers get PAID to hang out with them all day. Then came Wednesday....thats the day I was a middle school and high school music teacher. That was interesting. If you don't know, Im NOT musical. Not at all...not in the slightest way. And the teacher prepared for that, which meant I literally did nothing all day. It was one of the days i hated with i was in school. There was a sub so our teacher just gave us busy work and sent us on our way, but I'm sure they didn't feel that way at all...I did learn that even if i was musical I would never want to be a music teacher. The class sizes are HUGE. Thursday, I had one of the best behaved second grade classes I have ever seen. It was a day where I actually felt like I was just hanging out and having fun, and yet maintained complete control of the class. I would have said that they were the best class I have ever subbed for, but then came Friday. I have never in my all my hours of observation, field work, student teaching and subbing...seen a class that worked so well with a substitute. There was not one instant of frustration. Then today, I got to come to beloit for a wonderful morning at the ladies tea :) overall a great week....hmmmm...apparently this post doesn't want paragraph breaks...

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