Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday adventures

Today was my birthday. Today was a day of adventure. My roommate Amber decided today was going to be a day she was in charge of, so i wasn't allowed to get up until she came to get me. That was a little difficult because I woke up about 2 hours before she did. I decided to spend that couple of hours finishing up some books Im reading, so yes, stay tuned for some book reviews. :) At about 9 am, amber opened my door with a cinnamon roll and a mocha in her hands...I was happy :) She handed me an index card telling me to pack my things and head to another friends apt to get ready for my day. There I enjoyed a bubble bath and a long time alone with my God :) The next card that I found there told me that my third graders from student teaching were expecting me for lunch. That definitely made me smile. I L.O.V.E. spending time with them. Upon arriving at the school, I got a text to return home after my happy little lunch. Lunch was great, and I got cards from all my kids. Then I came back home for a walk to a nearby park, just a great time to relax and enjoy my God's amazing, beautiful creation. Arriving back home, Amber drove me to the president of MBBC's house, and she and I went out shopping...though i didn't get anything, it was a blast anyway. I got back home, only to get in the car and head to a horse stable to spend the next hour playing with and petting horses. :) THAT was extremely happy as I haven't gotten to interact with horses in a long time. Again, we got in the car and headed to another undisclosed location...this time Chili's for dinner where we ate WAYYYYY too much. The waiter was awesome and my birthday brownie sundae was pretty incredible. To end the day, I got home and had a great time hanging out with some of my favorite people playing games. So yes, it was a good day, and maybe 25 won't be that bad....

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