Friday, September 30, 2011

God Closes a Door

Yesterday, I faced rejection. I had applied and interviewed for a third grade teaching position in my district. I was nervous, and when I finished the interview, I did not have a happy feeling of accomplishment in my stomach. Yesterday, I got the call that the position had been filled. At first I was upset. I had wanted that position, but I didn't get it. I had prayed hard, but I wasn't going to be teaching third grade next week. Then I started to get excited. I still have my three months of fifth grade this year, and I have no idea what God has for me after that. This is really the first door God has shut because it's the first one I dared to really open. I applied for other teaching jobs last year, but I was terrified to move forward because I don't know what's ahead. Now, I'm confident that I can try doors, and God will shut the ones that aren't for me and let me walk through the ones that He has prepared. So, not only was the interview a good experience for me in the educational portion of my life, but just in life in general. Hmmmmm which door to try next.

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