Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today I went to rummage sales. That's they call yard sales here in Wisconsin. Let me recount some humorous tales and then give you a few tips for your future rummage sale.
I am a people watcher. Today was a primo day for people watching. The very first lady i noticed was about 80 or 90 and she was walking around in a suprisingly fashionable blue and white striped dress (not something I would wear, but I was impressed). She seriously showed up at every sale we were at. Some times in a car and sometimes on foot. To be honest, it was a little creepy lol. The second was the lady in the huge knit poncho. It was 80 degrees out and this lady was walking around with a blanket on. I was dying for her!! I really wanted to suggest she buy something, anything to wear instead. There was also a sale from people who must have owned a bridal shop. I could have gotten my own wedding dress for $50 brand new. They had about 15.

My purchases today included some Dr. Seuss stuffed animals for my future classroom, a coffee mug that you can write on with chalk, a new shirt, some jewelry, and a cool little cup from Japan.

Now for my tips on yard sales... #1 Do not try to hike up the price on broken items. It's stupid and just makes me stop looking at all the rest of your stuff. #2 I don't care if you only used it a few times. If it's at a yard sale, on the curb, don't expect me to pay 60 dollars for something you paid 65 for. #3 having lunch available is genius!!! I didn't take advantage today, but good thinking. #4 Just be nice! Its not that hard! and finally #5 Advertise!!! We probably missed a ton of sales because we got tired of hunting for them.

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