Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Keep the Ground!!!

Sometimes life just doesn't make sense, and it seems like everything is going wrong. It seems like everyone else gets everything they want and need. Lately, I've just been looking around wallowing in self-pity for what i am lacking. That was the problem, i was looking around instead of man instead of at God. Why is it that we as Christians write stuff like this all the time? Why is it alway true? Why do we "learn our lesson," and then forget? In a war, soldiers don't take ground and then wander around waiting for it to be taken away so they can fight for it again. Why do we insist on taking ground from under the very nose of Satan just to give it back to him so we can fight for it all over again. We need to take ground and keep it!

On a less serious note, or maybe i guess just a different one. I was talking to a girl in my dorm this year, her and i used to be good friends...really good friends. This year we barely talk. Last year we had some issues, she got a boyfriend, and we just grew up and grew apart (i know...sounds cliche). I realized no matter what happens or what doesn't happen, i will never regret the fact that we were friends. I learned lessons and made memories that made me the person i am. It's that way with all of my friends past and present. NO matter what goes on between us i don't regret the time God gave me with each of here's to alison, jessica, carmen, hannah, troy, chris, tammy, ashley, thomas, melanie, samantha, pam, kierra, kristin, and all those other people that helped make me the person i am, but are no longer really a part of my life. Most of them will probably never read this and if they do then they stumbled upon it...

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