Saturday, October 07, 2006

Walking with purpose

So it's been a pretty long but long. Last Saturday, Amber, heather and i went downtown. It is nice living about fifteen minutes from downtown Knoxville. There is one thing that slightly confounded us. Why is it that in the middle of a city everything closes at 5? We tried to go to the art museum (which is free, but has some pretty cool stuff...or so i've heard, everytime i try to go, it's closed.) Of course the world finds plenty of things to do...Why is it that the things that are clean fun are always closed when we have an opportunity to participate?

We walked about a mile and a half before we decided where we were going to eat, and by the time we got that far, we didn't feel like going anywhere else, so we just stopped at the first place that looked clean and safe. So i ate at Quizno's for the first time, and what did i eat??? A salad of course!!! It was really good.

I have been able to go walking almost every night for the past two weeks (YEA for me!!! ok so i know i am pretty much the only one excited about this) I have even persuaded (tricked; manipulated) some of my friends to go with me. Heather is my faithful walking partner. (Keep "walking with purpose" heather!!!) I am slowly healthifying (i know its not a word) the Crown college campus one person at a time...Lauren and amber see through my little conspiracy, but they humor me, and sometimes they accompany me on my nightly excursions (but pity works just as well as trickery sometimes). Ok, well we are off to do something..we don't know what, but lets just hope its legal (according to Crown)...who knows maybe it'll be able to blog about it sometime. Leave a comment or CALL ME (if you don't have my number, it's cause this comment is not for you and i have no desire to talk to you...jk...unless you are considered creepy by many)!!!

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