Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Reformation Day!!!

Fall break is over :'( but that just means we are closer to christmas!!! I had a blast in Indiana. A big thanks to my friend Amber and her family for the GREAT hospitality. The only problem was amber and i went a whole weekend and didn't take one picture. We had a ton of fun...at least i did. Charles went home, and everytime he called me i wanted to see everyone, but i am so glad i got to go hang out with my good friend, and i now get to add Indiana and michigan to the states i have been in.

This past Sunday, Amber's pastor said that truth is the affirmation of reality. I never really thought of it like that. Truth isn't the statement of fact...fact can be changed in time...reality is absolute. Reality is reality whether we accept it or not. Therefore truth is truth whether we accept it or not. Ok...way too deep.


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mike you're a real dork!

Adrienne said...

FINALLY sombody else has said it!