Monday, October 23, 2006

Sadie Hawkins!!

Sadie Hawkins...two words that strike fear into the hearts of girls and guys alike. The girls are freaking out about being rejected by that one guy that they have dreamed of taking since the last sadie when they chickened out, and the guys are trembling in fear cause they know that one girl is going to ask them, even though she chickened out last year. Sadie Hawkins is an activity that is safe only for those couples already in a dating relationship...the ones that go as friends normally just raise questions later. So when I saw sadie on the calendar, my first thought was "do i even want to go." I dealt with the question until the morning of when i decided i would go with my friends. I didn't want to put any guy through the agony of hearing the words "will ya go to sadie with me?" come from my mouth. Well, it was a fun night, and i got to see some pretty funny stuff. Including tomlinson doing push-ups (honestly, i wouldn't have ever thought he could have done it...this is my slightly balding OT and Bible Doc. teacher, but he showed those college guys up.), two of the guys dancing around to prove they were the biggest hicks here (trust me, there was competition), and college students beating each other silly with fun noodles. We went to the shooting range, and i watched my good friend amber shoot a gun for the first time in her life...she even hit the hill all three times!! I don't want to brag or anything, but i did hit my intended target 3 out of the 4 shots. In the end, it was worth getting sick and feeling like death the next day. Question: Does anyone out there actually like moonpies and RC cola??

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