Saturday, December 09, 2006

Let it snow??

I AM HOME!!! Those words really tell it all. They really mean, i am sitting at home in my jammies watching television. It is just wonderful. I can't wait to go visit everyone i haven't seen in months!!! I am also glad that Crown lets us out so early!!! Most of my friends are still experiencing the joy of finals and i am home!!! (hahahaha) The only problem with coming home is all this blasted snow. I really don't remember it being this cold. Most people are like, "i love snow, it's so pretty." well, i'll take a nice photograph any day. I detest brushing the snow off cars, shovelling, and getting frostbite from stepping outside. Snow is also the only weather that can force you to completely cancel all plans and hole up in your house. At least with other stuff you can just change your plans. The only merit that snow has is that it is the only precipitation that you can throw at people! and make snow forts...and snowmen. However there is a large obstacle to overcome...that is actually getting bundled up and heading outside. By the time you have put on all you layers...including your shirt, sweater, sweatshirt, jacket, and multiple other pieces of clothing, you have to take half of them off cause you haven't put on your boots yet and you can't quite reach your feet. So after to get your boots on and you are all suited up again, you head outside. Except, you slip on the ice and fall over, but you can't get up, because you can't move your arms for all the layers. You start to realize you should have put on another pair of socks cause your toes are going numb...ok, well needless to say, unless i am promised an insane amount of fun with friends, i don't venture out for more than 15 seconds.

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Adrienne said...

lol Good to have you home Mary!