Thursday, February 07, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it stop

I'm definitely ready for the snow to stop falling here in Wisconsin. The internet tells me we got about 16 inches yesterday, but i'm thinking it was more along the lines of 87 inches. It snowed all day. They cancelled classes which is completely unheard of here. So, being the industrial person that i am (why are u laughing??), i went to work. It amazes me that when an entire town is completely shutdown, people still bring their kids to daycare. I tried hard not to think about all my friends back at the dorm relaxing and playing computer games...After working for several hours, (daycare is the most amazing job because you can watch a movie with the kids and you get paid for it), i returned to the dorm to learn, not only had classes been cancelled but the on-campus church service was cancelled. That meant we had a dorm meeting. That meant i wanted nothing more than to sleep. After feeling terrible all week, i was starting to feel some semblance of health return, so when rachel mentioned going to play in the snow, i was all for it. We went out and enjoyed about an hour of snowy fun of jumping in snow drifts and snowball fights. Then this morning i had to get up, and i realized that semblance of health had completely disappeared and i felt like...errr...well i felt like i had gotten hit by a semi in the face.

On a completely unrelated note, i almost got mugged on saturday. See we are strongly advised against walking downtown after dark...advised by way of possible demerits, but on Saturday night four of us decided to grab some ice cream downtown. Knowing the rule about walking downtown, we all jumped in katie's car and drove to the ice cream place. We enjoyed our ice cream, and decided we had better start heading out (they were locking up the place). Once we got outside, Rachel and i saw the pole, that our good friend Alex had run his car into about 2 and a half weeks ago, was right next door. So we walked to the pole, had a good laugh, and turned to walk back when Korinne suggested we just walk a little further to the bridge. No one really seemed to have a problem with the idea, except for rachel and i, and that was only because we were cold. On the way to the bridge, we experienced several honks and whistles from the cars driving by, and we started getting a little creeped out. Then we saw three guys walking up the street. I begged out loud for them to be guys we knew, but they weren't and they started yelling at us from across the street. As they yelled, we began to walk faster, but not fast enough, and suddenly we heard one of them run across the street straight at us. He was doing it to freak us out, and he definitely accomplished yeah, lesson learned...i'm not every walking downtown again...Below are pics from the night of our "near-mugging" :-D

Yeah there's a giant chicken

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