Monday, February 18, 2008

My stay at hotel sickly

I'm lying here in the Student Health center, which may just be the most boring building on campus trying to recooperate because once again my immune system isn't behaving itself and doing its job. Yep, I'm sick...again...this is the second "cold" or whatever this semester. So anyway i though i would enlighten you all as to what the Student Health center is like. I'm lying here on my bed in what is obviously the "girl's side" of the health center. I am covered in a pink blanket in a room with pink curtains and pink flowers on the dresser. Before the sudafed started wearing off it reminded me of how my grandma's house smelled, but that started wearing off about an hour ago, and i can't smell anything now, but i don't feel super congested so im being me and refraining from taking anymore medicine if at all possible. They've tried to make it look as roomy as possible with a desk and a dresser, and once again i think my grandma had these in her old house, but it makes my slightly concerned for those who have to stay here longer than a day (which is all i'm staying...i will be back in my own room tonight). The only reason i think im still here is my temperature is a little abnormally low. Rather than the normal healthy 98.6, mine started out as a 95.1 this morning and it's now up to 96.4. Hopefully soon, i'll get to go back and sleep in my own bed with all my blankets and sip hot tea or cocoa or something...

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