Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Life is a highway...kinda

Midterms...a time to show all the hard work, or lack thereof, that you have put into a particular subject. Midterms for me have never been very hard. A little stressful maybe because i am trying with fervency to disguise the fact that i have spent half of a semester trying to just get by. This semester, i'm trying to use a multitude of credit hours and work to excuse a terrible habit that i have of not putting forth any more effort than i need to get by. Now, this wouldn't be bad thing if it weren't for the fact of all the time and energy that i'm wasting just to learn a minimal amount. It seems my nature tends to follow the path of least resistance (a.k.a. procrastination). That's not to say that i'm not busy this semester (believe me i am), it just shows that you can be busy and accomplish absolutely nothing. This would be the part of the entry where i would vow that that is all behind me, and from now on i vow to keep up, even excel, in all of my classes, but i just can't bring myself to promise myself and you something that we both know isn't really going to happen. Anyway, back to the subject of midterms...they're tricky here. See, they don't tell you when midterms are coming up. They just spring it on you. That means for students like me there is no warning to get out of neutral and put it into drive, and sometimes that means you just aren't going fast enough to make it over that gargantuan speed bump that someone apparently just threw in the middle of the road. Anyway, enough of this terrible metaphor of "life is a journey." I'm going to go to work and hope i can accomplish something afterward, so i can eventually fall asleep tonight and have some more seriously odd dreams like i've been having lately...which i will have to tell you all about another time :-)

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