Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Strolling down memory lane...

After my stint in solitary confinement yesterday, i am thankful to be back among the living (even if i don't feel completely alive yet). I have become a very social being, and being back among people has been thoroughly enjoyable. Anyway, enough of my expressing my thankfulness about being back among the civilized populous, the real reason i decided to blog today was to express my thankfulness for my friend Lauren...shes amazing!!! Here we are all at different colleges and she sends me something that reminds me of the good old days when we were all together and sitting at the table at our favorite mcalisters surfing the web and just being friends. Of course, mcalisters holds many memories of emotional breakdowns, joyful celebrations, almost missing curfews, and errr...sickness. I honestly can summarize most of my Crown days with the word mcalisters (affectionately called Cali's), and today Lauren brought back all those memories by sending an amazing valentines package with a shirt from our beloved cali's. Thanks Lauren! I love it!

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