Saturday, July 23, 2011

200th post...without a catchy title

It's almost 1 am. My fan is making this really annoying clicking sound as it oscillates back and forth. Lightning is occasionally peeking through the sky light, and i have yet to unplug the Christmas lights that encircle our ceiling. What am I still doing awake? The same thing I've been doing for about two weeks now. Wondering if time really does heal all wounds. Maybe its like physical wounds...sometimes you just always have that limp. Since January, my life has kind of been up in the air. Change keeps beating me around, while i feel like my life is acting like the old white mazda pickup we used to have when I was a kid. Stalled out at the intersection. Pain doesn't stop. Thoughts don't stop. Dreams don't stop. Good thing my God doesn't stop either :) I've never seen it more evident than in the past 7 months that my God is always here for me. Sometimes I envy those who start living the Christian life and convince themselves of the delusion that everything is peachy from there on out. I live in the land where God doesn't take away all of my problems, but He lets me crawl up in His lap on a hard day...and on a good day for that matter. Ok, so now its after 1 and I have a walk scheduled in the morning...followed by a very very busy day. Time to crawl up in His arms and go to sleep :)

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