Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Life without internet

So, maybe, if there is anyone out there still reading this, you're wondering why im posting three entries in one day. Well, we've been without internet at home for the past two weeks. That is going to change this Friday, but until then, I don't get a whole lot of online time unless I walk on block from my house to the little coffee shop. Have I mentioned how dangerous it is for me to have a coffee shop one block from my house...and another just two blocks from there? Obviously I have been reading a lot. More than i read while i was in school actually. This past weekend i did get to go see two of my best friends in the whole world get married. That was pretty much amazing and I cried.
Ive been dealing with life, and Im super happy to say that things are looking pretty awesome. I have great friends, great family and a GREATER God. currently watching a girl push her car down the read...ya, i feel bad for her. anyway, back to a little more real life and a little less virtual life :)

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