Saturday, July 16, 2011

Birthday girl's birthday adventure...

Today is my roommate Amber's birthday. Tomorrow I'm sending her on an adventure. This post is one of her clues of where to go. As she opens this page, she will be sitting at a coffee shop sipping her iced green tea, probably about to spend time with her God because I'm doubting she could hold off checking what was coming next until after that is all done :) I know it's pretty warm out, but I already told her she can't go on her daily walk. Now is the time. She's going to walk to tivoli...there, she must find a card that I've left for her. and im realllllly hoping no one else walks off with it...that could be rough. Amber and i have been friends for almost a year. Kinda hard to believe thats all its been. Last August I walked up to her and said, hi, we need to be friends...and as crazy as that sounds, it worked. Now, we're roommates; we work together; we go to church together and we teach kids clubs together. Shes pretty cool...sometimes :-p Well amber have a good walk! find that note!

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