Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Book Review Wednesday

Ok, so I haven't actually started a book review Wednesday as a staple, but it just so happens that I have two of them today. This week, i was privileged to read two incredible books this week. The first is Rumors of God Darren Whitehead and Jon Tyson. These men have been friends since growing up together in Austrailia and are now both working in churches in the states. I will put a slight disclaimer on this book. I don't agree with absolutely everything in this book in theology or practice, but I found a few times when I really wanted to put the book down....because it was right. Conviction is a funny thing. Reading this book brought me to the point of forgiving someone who greatly wronged me. I wanted the freedom it spoke of. I found it ironic coming out of the chapter on freedom realizing that God had something for me to change because as I went in I was skeptical of the freedom the book spoke I usually am when I read modern books on Christian "freedoms." The other part of the book that slapped me pretty hard was the part that talks about how we hide behind masks and social network profiles out of fear that people will see the read person. I am definitely a person with trust issues, and this book addressed that head on. Rumors pointed out things in our society and my life that I don't even think about as anything but normal. I highly recommend this book for anyone. I did disagree on some kingdom theology and how to practice the love of Christ, but overall this was a very good read.

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