Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hot days and Iced Coffees

It's hot's hot in at a coffee shop that like many places in WI does not have a/c. What's the point? It's in the negatives the rest of the year anyway. I'm sitting here enjoying my iced coffee, partly because I still love coffee, partly because it's cold, and partly because its one of the cheapest things on the menu. My roommates are sitting across the table from me focused on the respective hulu shows theyre watching. Alyssa is leaving in about half an hour...she's headed to Argentina. Im not going to lie, I'm jealous. I'm insanely excited for her. She is about to have her entire life changed by meeting some of the most incredible people in the world and growing closer to our God than ever before :)

Vacation Bible school has been going on this week. At first I wasn't so sure I was going to want to drive an hour each way to get there each night, but I've made it for three and Im going tonight. I can't really begin to describe the blessing it has been to my life. I've been really growing this year, mainly through pain, but this week God is growing me through joy. I love seeing those little kids falling in love with Jesus for the first time or falling more in love with who He is. It has also been really nice not being the one in charge for a change...though I admit I've been itching to takeover a few times.

I did encounter a very comical but serious thing last week in my life. Now, Izzy is my car. She is very...special. I'm convinced that she's bitter about living outside because she regularly likes to visit garages and spend a night or two indoors. Last week, I decided it was finally time to get my brakes fixed. My first clue was stomping on them to stop and wondering if i would actually stop a few times. My amazing brother told me that whatever it cost, he wanted to pay for it. Neither of us imagined what he had gotten himself into. The call came. My rear drums were cracked and falling apart. My front brakes...the pads...well, they were nonexistent. 556.95 I literally got sick to my stomach. With rent, student loan payments, and life I couldn't afford it, but there was NO way I expected my brother to pay for it. He called and asked for the estimate. I hesitantly told him...He didn't even breathe deeply, just said, "ok, i'll have to send it to you in two parts." My jaw dropped. I literally almost cried in the middle of the restaurant i was waiting for my car in. Let me explain my car situation for those of you who don't know....last summer I had no money, no job, and no car. God provided 1500 dollars and suddenly appeared my car on craigslist for 1500 with new tires already. Then i got to school, in november, her water pump died. 251 dollars...a check came in the mail (from that amazing brother) for 175. Then in January, a poorly plowed parking lot resulted in a torn off exhaust system. The company paid for half...the other half was up to me. 400 dollars. My parents gave me 400 dollars for Christmas to pay for my car. March. Car inspection...only cost me 114. I was sure it was going to be worse. June. My car started overheating. Took it to the garage, a sensor replaced 159.75. The next sunday my church in WI gave me 200 dollars for my car repairs. July. Brakes. 556.95. Little brother taking care of it. I have amazing friends and family, but more important and AMAZING, INCREDIBLE God.

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