Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Second Half of book review wed :)

Imagine trying to kill yourself only to loose your legs and live in pain for the rest of your life. The average person would probably feel like the biggest failure to ever have to live. The story of Kristen Anderson is one that is not only inspiring but transparent. Kristen tried to commit suicide at the age of 17. She put herself on the train tracks one cold night wanting to end it all, the pain from the death that surrounded her and the guilt and shame of her rape. She figured that a train was the way to ensure death. God had other plans. In what can only be called a miracle in many different instances, Kristen lived through the harrowing ordeal. People responded to her differently. Some said harsh and cruel things, others gave her hope. She began to wonder and struggle with the fate of her soul. What would have happened if she had died that night? With the help of her therapist's husband, Kristen found the answer to that question. This book was well written, and clearly pointed to Christ through it all. As a result of her life experiences, Kristen has started a ministry that reaches out to people in all stages of life and offers them the same hope she searched for. This was a book I could not put down. Though I haven't experienced it to the same degree, depression is something I have struggled with from time to time. It is an ugly monster. This book shows that God can overcome it, if you give Him the battle.

I highly recommend this can click here to see its product page :)

I received this book for free as a part of the the Blogging for Books program of the publisher.

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