Monday, July 17, 2006

Citizen of Reality

Ok, so it is 9am on a Monday, and what am i doing online writing a blog. Well, it is a long story that begins at 4am this morning. Well, at 4am this morning, i was rudely evicted from dreamland and forced to once again become a citizen of reality. Now that early in the morning, reality can be one cruel terrain. I couldn't find anything...i couldn't do anything right. I finally got out the door about 5 minutes later than I normally do...but still early enough to get to work on time. So i got to work, and went in and sat in the break room for a few minutes until i was supposed to start work. Well, at 5, i went out and talked to the lady that i normally talk to and she told me that they didn't have anything for me to do. She sent me to another guy, but he didn't have anything for me either, so i called my temp. service to see if i could go home, since walking out on an assignment is considered a voluntary quit. I called at 5:10 and the girl that got my call told me she couldn't page anyone until six (translation: sorry they aren't even awake yet, so you'll have to wait until they get out of bed and slip into their fuzzy bunny slippers). So i sat in a break room and waited until about 6:30. I was starting to get slightly steamed. I called my service again...once again the girl said she would page the guy i needed to talk to. So i sat and waited some more. When seven o'clock rolled around, i was ready to walk, so i called my service for the last time. The office was open so i was finally able to talk to the guy i had to. He told me what i knew he would the whole time...go home...he said he would call me back later.

Well, he has called me three times now assigning me to three different places, and it is only 9:15. My final assignment, and he has assured me it is my final assignment, is at the factory i worked at last matter how much i complained about it this year (and i'm sure i will in the future) it is not nearly as horrible as the other places i have worked. Anyway, i am glad that my shift has changed. I now work from 11-7:30 (so church on wednesdays is going to be interesting...guess i'll be running and changing in the restroom...good thing the factory is right across the road from my church).

I have a ton of other things i could write about, but i think i am going to go get some sleep, since it feels like 4am was an eternity ago.

Mark- i know you love country fried steak (unless its chewy and served by a 98 year old woman who doesn't know how to discount a check)...but too bad you have to give up that plate of lard for your diet...either give it up, or eat nothing else for a week...maybe i wouldn't hate it so bad if Crown didn't serve their nasty version three times a week.

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