Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I hate stove grates

Ok, so i was going to blog last night, but i just couldn't think of what to say or exactly how to say it. Well, today has been pretty eventful. I got up, and started my day like any other. This afternoon, i called my temp. agency again. Now i know i said that i would rather sell an internal organ on ebay before i went back to working in a factory, but unfortunately i found out that was illegal. So tomorrow morning i start my second summer of factory work. I get to help make something really exciting...stove grates...ok, i guess they aren't that exciting, and i know that for the rest of my life whenever i see a stove, i will shudder involuntarily. My hours are kind of crazy...5am-3pm, mon-thurs. Yep, its ten hours a day...but i get a three day weekend. Just pray for me because i am really not looking forward to it. Anyway, i am also working on getting a job at the convenience store down the road from my house...i got to talk to the manager today and she said it shouldn't be a problem to hire me for a few hours a day. So all you people i talk to online...i prob. won't get to talk to you as much as i want. Give me a call...after 3pm...but don't worry i will be living online on the weekends. Well, i gotta go find some stuff for tomorrow, and get some sleep, so i can get up at 4am tomorrow. Pray for me cause i hate this...i just have to remember why i am doing this...so i can go back to school...Trust me its worth it.

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markus said...

she works hard for her money............so hard for her money......she works hard for her money so you better treat her right!!!!!!!

hahahahha i love it