Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pizza, Pop, Praise, and Prayer

I just got back from Jamie's house...we had so much fun tonight. Work just seemed to drag by because i knew the second i got out of there i was going to have a blast. Well, i got to Jamie's at about 7:45...everyone else was already there since it started at 6. I got there and ate a piece of pizza...i was really good and refused all the cookies, brownies and other such goodies. The title of this blog is right off the invite that we got last sunday...sounds a little liberal...but i like it. We spent hours talking about school stories. Kate was there so we all heard her stories about the hurricane at PCC...i don't think i could have done it, some of the stuff she told us was just sick. We discussed pranks and swapped ideas to use this coming year. I can't wait to go back to school. I know that sounds crazy, but i'm serious. We took some pictures, but of course i left my phone with my grandma by accident so it was MIA ("missing in action" for those of you who have no idea what that means), so i am waiting to have the pictures e-mailed to me...which we all know never happens, but if by some small miracle it does, i'll put them with a future post. The only problem was i was completely and totally exhausted...for some strange reason, i am now completely awake and can't fall asleep. Jamie kept asking me if i was tired since she can relate to the whole factory work situation since she worked in a doughnut factory last summer. I must have looked pretty rough.

So my "creepy guy chronicles" have continued since i last posted about them with the most recent episode happening today. I really don't understand why it is that these psychos feel completely comfortable talking to me...wait that wasn't nice...some of these guys aren't psychos, just certified wierdos. Honestly the most un-creepy (i don't think this is a word, but it works) guy to randomly talk to me is the guy on work release. He has now started waving and smiling at me everytime i walk past his line at work. Anyway, to hear these latest stories, you'll have to ask cause i am too tired to write about them now...i know tired but can't sleep....wierd.

Tomorrow is going to one of the most boring days of my life...what do i have planned...nothing! I hate not having anything to do. I mean i love having days where i just want to bum around and do nothing...but that is normally not a Saturday in the summer. Pretty much my whole church is at camp, and anyone else here that i would normally hang out with is doing something...or working. Then, i am just glad i'm not working.

Work was interesting today...we had a few small fires. They decided to print posters on a line that is not made for paper products...but did they care? Nope, so a few of them caught on fire causing a great time of entertainment watching people try to put it time, one of the guys shoved his hand up the belt to grab the burning paper. Then there was the guy that kept stomping on a burning poster that just wouldn't go was pretty stinkin' hilarious.

So i know this is random and with the title of my page...Random Rantings.

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