Saturday, July 15, 2006

My mind is on break...check back later

Ok, so i found this cartoon online and though it was pretty funny. My friend and i were talking about turkey subs tonight...I know random topic, but as i said in an earlier blog, without the random things life would be so predictable. Besides, it reminded me of cleaning out the fridge at the end of the semester...but some of that stuff was there for FAR longer than three weeks. Turkey is my favorite...i have always loved turkey. I guess i was just never really into ham or bologna. I personally find most of it revolting. Sunday night sandwiches were never my friend when it came to having ham every single Sunday night (and don't forget that nasty cheese). Ick!! I may miss Crown, but i don't really miss those gag bags. And as surprising as it may be i haven't eaten a hot pocket in about ummm...since April. While i am on the subject of food, i have to correct something from a previous blog. In a previous entry, i commented that i would choose reese's pieces any day over reese's cups. Well, that has changed and i must admit that i am now a reese's cup fan. Now don't expect this to make me go soft on the milky way issue...i am hard core milky way...even though i haven't eaten a candy bar since april either, but if i did, it would definitely be milky way. Okay, so i just caught a glimpse of a plate of country fried steak on television...gag me. If there is one food i would rather die than eat...Country Fried steak would be it.

Today was blissful, wonderful, relaxing, glorious...etc. Why you may ask, well today was my day off. i love those words. i got to sleep in and just bum around all day. I now have a rule for my fridays brain activity allowed. Now my job doesn't take much if any brain activity (or else most of the ppl working there wouldn't have lasted), but for my day off i prefer a nearly comatose state. Hopefully my mind will return from it's break sometime before September. Anyway, I have tomorrow and Sunday off too, but they will be far busier than today...however, rather than working i will be doing things i want to do!!!

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markus said...

I love country fried steak!