Thursday, July 13, 2006

Sore and Tired

So my first two days of work are done. Praise the Lord, two down and only 15 to go...i might work a few days of overtime, but not anytime soon. I am so sore right now, amd everytime i move i am reminded of the muscles that i forgot i had. Good thing i have off tomorrow. Let me give you a quick description of what i do. I get up at 4am...the only one who seems happy about this is my dog, who immediately wants to play. I then get ready and get to work by 5am...this is crazy. I start unloading "baskets" -large bins full of metal parts that have been dipped in acid. At first it wasn't that bad, and i thought, i can survive this. Then i spent 20 hours in two days moving metal. Imagine lifting about 15-20 lbs...not too hard, but now do about 8,000 repetitions. At least my arms will be pretty toned by the time i'm done with this job. When i am waiting for a new basket to come out, i grab a broom, and sweep the floor. I still haven't quite figured out why since the floor never comes clean. Of course there is the is a factory. Some of you don't know what that means so let me fill you in. There are an unsual amount of women working at this factory...i have never seen so many manly women in my life. There is no end to the Nascar shirts and "man"ish haircuts. Then you go to the break room and see almost every one of these women reading harlequin romance is kind of creepy. I know you all find this side-splitingly (i don't think that is really a word) hilarious...but i assure you it's not. O by the way, i haven't worked with stove grates yet, but i'm sure they are coming.

There has been one bright spot...besides going home. I took my cd player in today (since i pretty much work by myself, i can listen to my own music). I took a pcc cd and Monica's cd and i was listening to them when the only semi-normal person in the factory walked up. He speaks Spanish primarily, but his english is really good. He started listening to the music and looked at me and asked me if it was Christian. I told him it was, and then he asked, "Are you a Christian?" I told him i was, and i told him that I am earning money to go back to Bible college. The idea of a Bible college seemed to shock him a bit and he asked me questions about it all day. He told me he goes to a Spanish church in the area. It was a real encouragement to learn that i am working with a Christian.

Wednesday night our church had service at a local park because our church is being renovated. It was awesome. Even though it was pouring down rain until about five minutes before service started we had about 150 people. I talked to some of my friends afterward, and tried to stay as late as i possibly could, but i had to leave, so i could get some sleep.

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