Thursday, May 15, 2008

For my working girls

This post is for my girls that have to work all summer bored out of their minds, but have access to a computer, so they stop by occasionally to read what's going on in my extremely boring life. Well, guys you can keep reading all summer!! I only have access to email all summer while im at camp, but blogger has this amazing blog from email feature. So i'll be sure to keep you updated whenever i get a chance :-) As for my life in the past 24 hours. Its been boring. Besides church, the most exciting thing that has happened is that Charles and i went for ice cream last night. See, growing up, Charles and i had this sibling telepathy thing really perfected. Its been a few years since we were really that much in tune, but yesterday must have been one of our on days. All day i wanted...even craved icecream. Actually, i craved a reese's cup blizzard from Dairy Queen. As almost an unwritten rule, we go to DQ on sundays after service when everyone can go...we do not go on one goes on wednesdays. It's a sacred place reserved for sundays only...ok so maybe i'm blowing it a little out of proportion, but the point is that we never go on wednesdays. So when charles told me he wanted to hit dq on the way home...i was shocked...yeah for sibling telepathy. And i got my blizzard :-D Ok guys, so that was my effort to make an ice cream stop as exciting for you as i could....and for tomorrow's post...i think i might go to walmart today!!!!

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Hannah said...

You crack me up!!! Thanks for keeping us entertained.