Friday, May 16, 2008

The time in between...

So, I did get to go to Walmart lol...printed some pictures, bought some frames and a photo album, and a few little necessities for camp, but i have so much more i need to get...ugh. Thankfully, this trip i didn't get caught behind the "die pictures, die" cropper lady. I think i would have My mom is still of work because of her little hospital trips, so we went out to lunch at panera. Sarah was working, so i thought we could go visit. There is one thing that has been consistently confusing me since i got home. Where's the warm? I mean i'm home for the summer, and i'm wearing a hoodie? How is that supposed to work. I guess i shouldn't be complaining much since this could mean that Louisiana is a little less sweltering, but I miss flip flop weather...not that i'm not wearing them...i mean, rachel and i wore them once it hit 32 in watertown, but my toes are still getting cold.

I leave for camp a week from today. It's crazy...I finally have plans to do things, and i'm leaving. Yep, thats right, i have plans for the next few days. So, i might finally have something to blog about instead of babbling on about meaningless drivel.

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