Thursday, May 22, 2008

Putting things in order

Well, here i am. I'm getting everything in order for camp. I leave in less than 36 hours, and i have so much more to do. I said goodbye to everyone tonight. That's always the hardest part. It's never fun to leave people, especially when you're leaving them and sailing off into uncharted waters. When entering the unfamiliar, i am one who clings desperately to the things around me when i should be clinging to God. This is going to be a different trip. My connections to home are being limited. Internet is basically cut off completely, except for email. Phone is limited to weekends. I can't hold on to home this time. I can't get frustrated and just call up my friends. The only One i can really turn to this time is God. I'm so thankful i have Him for this.

Anyway...lots going on in my head right going to try to get some sleep and sort everything out in the morning.

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