Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm home...for now

I got home last week after getting out of school and driving to Rachel's grandparents house. Rachel's grandparent's house is where i left my camera. After kicking myself repeatedly in my mind, i picked up my phone, called my mom, and prayed that she was in a generous mood. I proposed that for my birthday (coming in less than three weeks) they could buy me a new digital camera because mine was old, only four megapixals, and stranded in chicago. Mom said yes, i was rejoicing. Our flight to NC was fun...especially when we got there and had no clue which airline we were supposed to check in with. We got in line with our extremely heavy suitcases and our carry-ons, which were probably heavier than our suitcases. We felt like pack mules...Finally, we made our way to the kiosk thing and i put in my card...up popped my name and destination...rachel and i put down our bags and did a celebratory dance. I then realized all the annoyed people behind us that just wanted to check into their flights and i hurried through check in. I checked my luggage and waited for rachel, who also started to check her luggage. First suitcase up,the guy looked at her and said,"half pound over," we held our breath, waiting to see what happened next, but he just smiled, attached the ticket, and threw it on the conveyor belt...we exhaled. Second bag up, three pounds over...once again holding our breaths, and once again the guy smiled and we exhaled. The flights went well, and i didn't have to sit next to anyone scary...actually, i didn't have to sit next to anyone at all, which was great. I would show you pictures of all of this...if i had a camera at the time. (i am including other pics that i want to show you that were taken before the end of the semester and after my last post)

NC was fun...we went to justin's baseball game, ate japanese, ate cookout (drive-thru burger place-we took this to the school for justin, alli, and corey), went to church, tried to make a bonfire with wet wood and entirely too much gasoline, and hung out at rachel's watching movies and eating ice cream....we also hit a coffee shop, the orthodontist, and walmart...where i got a new camera. Then, i failed at taking pics in my remaining time...well...i took some with rachel in the car but they didn't really turn out well.

Saturday, i headed to was crown. i saw ppl, and remembered why i transferred. Andy's dad paid us twenty bucks for cheering for andy...who graduated with his masters. go andy! Lauren and i ran all over doing stuff...we went downtown, held snakes, drove to maryville...sat alone at our table at Cali' to see amber for 2.7 seconds at chik fil a and took fun pics...which i will show u. Then tuesday morning, charles and i jumped in the car and headed home....we got here, went out with mom and dad...i came back chatted with some ppl online and then crashed into bed around 8 and slept all night...I'm here for 2 1/2 weeks and then off to i'll post when i can, but i don't know how often that will be.

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