Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And summer is over!

So it is hard to believe in less than 10 hours i will be on my way to TN. Yes, this is my last post in freedom. I can't believe how fast this summer has just flown by. And another thing that has been hard to believe is that this week i have actually felt like i have a social life...On Monday night i went out with my good friends tom and krissy. They live in Ohio so we drove over to meet them. We were just gonna get ice cream, but we decided that since none of us had eaten dinner...something real food sounded a little better. So Tom decided to take us to Covered Bridge Pizza. When he first told us where we were going, i had no idea what to expect...i didn't even know it was a pizza place. I loved it...the pizza was pretty good, but the atmosphere was incredible! I have eaten in some pretty interesting old train cars, planes, but never in a bridge. We had a blast!! We sat there forever and talked, then jumped in their van and went to DQ for ice cream...and sat there and talked. I am really glad i have gotten to know them. They came to my church after i left for college, and to be honest, when i saw them last october at a basketball tournament, i couldn't even remember their names. Anyway, at dairy queen, i got a reese's cup blizzard (which has now become one of my favorites). I have come to the conclusion that dairy queen employees in Ohio have absolutely no clue how to make a good blizzard. This was the second blizzard in about a week (i know i have no idea why i had 2 in one week either...i can't eat ice cream for the rest of the year) that i found less than desirable. Now the dairy queen that my church goes to is awesome! And of course its in PA!!! I am really going to miss going to DQ with my church...i am really going to miss my church in general. I have gotten so close to some of them this summer. Well, its time for me to get some a long trip ahea of me tomorrow.

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