Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Starting the cycle all over again

So here I am...i think i have started a few posts like this lately...anyway, here i am sitting in the good old mail room with my good friends amber and lauren. I just finished registering, and my bank account is empty. Ugh!! Well, at least God has provided so far. Last night we hit the aquarium...now i love watching fish swim around as much as the next person, but after seeing it so many times, it isn't that exciting. I am lucky to have such awesome friends that i got to hang out with...and thankfully i didn't misplace my wallet this year with loads of cash...then again my wallet doesn't have loads of cash in it. I am trying to get used to living in a dorm full of girls again...fortunately with one roommate, it isn't as hard as it has been...then again it is a little intimidating since i am used to having 4 or 5 roommates, so if i don't get along with one i can go talk to another one...so if i don't get along with one this year i guess i have to talk to the wall...or my stuffed turtle that has found a home on my bed this year.

Anyhoo...Crown decided to welcome me back in a classic way this year...yesterday, which is the first time i ate lunch on campus, they decided to have my favorite meal...yep...a heaping helping of country fried steak...aka lard on a plate. Any one who knows me at all knows that i would eat pretty much anything on this planet before i forced my taste buds or my stomach to endure that torture of monumental proportions...so of course i ate salad.

Tonight there is a "split activity" the girls are having a dorm volleyball tournament and the guys are playing paintball and going rock climbing...i am not going to express my disgust with this "split activity" at this time. But while the other girls are stuffing their faces with ice cream tonight, i am going to be taking a nice walk around the campus. Lets hope Melvin doesn't come stalking...

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