Thursday, August 17, 2006

Nun or a preacher??

I have a pretty funny story from work...oh! today was my last day and i am so excited about that. So yesterday, i told one of the guys at work that today was my last day, and he asked why...i responded with the typical, "i'm going back school" response. That was followed by the typical "where do you go to school" question. Now, i have been asked that question enough times that i have formulated a little explanation..."I go to a small, Christian college in TN with about 900 students." The guy couldn't fathom the idea of a Christian college. He asked me if i had ever done anything "bad" (and we all know what he meant). He then began to elaborate by asking if i drank or smoked or "partied." He was once again shocked by my answers. The conversation was over and i got back to work, but about 2 min. later he was back. He just looked at me for a minute and then blurted out the question, "Are you gonna be a nun?" I busted out laughing...i imagine that many people have wondered this when i told them i go to Christian college, but he is the first one that ever asked. He didn't really understand why i was laughing, and thinking he had missed the boat, quickly asked if i was going to be a preacher. This made me break out in even harder laughter. He didn't quite understand why i was laughing like someone had just told the funniest joke in the world. I explained that i was going to school to become a teacher. He then asked me several other questions including "do you go to an all girls school" to which i replied, "what do you think i am, nuts?" Well today, he decided to make fun of me a little...although he repeatedly assured me that there was nothing wrong with the way i live (like i needed the reassurance). I was called "Bible girl" and asked questions like "do you cuss." When i answered no to that i was challenged to cuss one time, and i once again answered no. One of my other co-workers smacked this guy and told him if they hadn't done all the things he was asking me if i had done they prolly wouldn't be where they are in life...they are in the same work release program.
Anyway, you prolly don't find this as funny as i did but i thought i would share that story with you...i found it hilarious, but maybe you had to be there. See most of you very a week!!!!!!!!

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