Thursday, August 24, 2006

I have arrived!

So, i am now writing you guys(y'all for you southerners) from the great state of TN. We got here after a pretty eternal car ride. Kudos to Charles who drove the whole 10 hours in a standard without cruise control without complaining...even when the batteries died in his mp3 player about 5 hours into the trip. God provided great safety along the way and we arrived in TN without incident...although i have to admit when leaving PA i was a little nervous about my younger brother driving me all the way there in his 14 year old truck, but he did awesome. We did stop at a pretty shady Wendy's in be honest i was little worried about coming out and finding a window busted out of the truck and all our belongings gone. Our entire lives are currently packing in that truck, and them going missing wouldn't exactly be the highlight of my year. I am, however, waiting for something to go horribly, terribly wrong before this week is over...i know a little pessemistic, but it has become almost a tradition for me.

We arrived in TN about an hour before my parents...they were delayed in leaving because they had to visit the pharmacy and it didn't open till 9, so since we had to wait for them, we had to hit the favorite Crownie hangout and the most exciting place in all of Powell...WALMART!!! I felt strangely liberated while walking through walmart in flip flops...normally a dress code faux pas (that means a "no-no" for you southerners). When my parents finally arrived, we went to mcalisters and i got my fix for real southern sweet tea (i may be picking on you southerners, but you can make some awesome tea). Anyway, we get into our dorms tomorrow, and then i register on Tuesday...I also know that i have updated twice in 2 days and now you probably have to read another post after this...sorry about that.

***I have been informed that my last post was inaccurate when i stated that dairy queen employees in Ohio are unable to make a decent blizzard. Let me rephrase...Most (and by most, i mean all but the two that i was assured can make an awesome blizzard) dairy queen employees in Ohio cannot make a decent blizzard to save their lives... I don't know if this correction is exactly accurate...i guess i will have to find out on my next vacation...

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