Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I enjoyed my day at America's Roller Coast

Yesterday, i was able to go to cedar point with some friends. It was great. We got to ride pretty much every big ride. Of course, we waited in lines forever, and i got a pretty harsh case of sunburn, but those are the memories that make it all more fun. Now every time someone taps my arm, the extreme pain reminds me of the great fun i had. I don't think i have ever gone to cedar point with a better group although i'm not so sure they can say that about me...i wasn't in the best mood for the first part of the day. I had a headache and just couldn't shake it. Sorry guys!

They whole trip was made possible by our great friend amber supplying the free tickets. Now i am sure that we still could have gone and had a great time, but i'm not so sure it would have been as fun with that price tag, so Amber, we are VERY grateful. We spent the whole day waiting in line for hours to ride rides that last about 25 seconds, but strangely enough, that 25 sec. is worth the wait.

For those of you that are going to the point this year, make sure you ride the new ride the skyhawk...i got some pics off the cedar point site. It was a pretty awesome ride. We rode at night, and it was go flying up and all you see is stars. You are held on the ride by a lap bar. I am still convinced that my lap bar was not nearly tight enough, but i guess i made it off alive. The ride is like a giant swing that takes you as high as a 12 story building. For a short second, you free fall...its awesome, but i definitely recommend that you ride it at night.

But of all the rides, the one that terrifies me the most is Power Tower. Now, i get nervous on other rides, like any coaster with a hill that you go up slowly with that clicking sound, but once i get to the top of the hill i'm fine. On power tower, i am pretty much scared senseless until the initial drop is over...getting to the top doesn't stop the fear. But then again, i guess that is why its called a thrill ride. We are still looking for Justin's penny...the one that defied the laws of amusement park physics.

I also want to thank ambers mom for the awesome lunch she packed us. It was really good, and i am so glad it was healthy food, since i have been trying to watch what i eat. The turkey wraps were awesome...and you might tell from a previous blog that turkey is my favorite.

Anyway, i have so many super awesome, super funny stories, but i am super tired, and i have to go shut my sun burnt eyes and try to get some i'll just send out some last thanks...mark, thanks for breakfast and for picking me up and taking me to laurens...lauren, thanks for driving and letting me crash at your house for a few nights...amber, thanks for the tickets and bringing the lunch...brandi, thanks for riding all those coasters with me (i know i'm a pretty lame partner, but i had fun, i hope you did too)...justin, thanks for keeping mark under control-wait, you were the one encouraging him most of the time...jk. Ambers mom...thanks for making a great lunch. Everyone thanks for the laughs and the memories. i'm glad we all got to go. I got my pics back today, so i'll show 'em to all of you next time i see you. Some of them are pretty interesting...

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