Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Finally...The call i've been waiting for

OK, so i guess i am addicted to blogging (they say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem), but i am just pretty bored...all the time, but this time i actually have a purpose behind blogging. I just got off the phone about ten minutes ago with the company that i had an interview for on Monday...and i got the job!! Ok, so it's not the job i want, and now i am a hated telemarketer, but at least i will be working in air conditioning (unlike last summer). The only thing i am kind of dreading is that i have to leave my cell at home. I am not only addicted to blogging, but also to carrying my cell around.

I start training on the 26th since i have my church's NBT coming up, so i have a little bit of time before i start work. Who knows maybe i could make this a career, and instead of going back to school to finish preparing to be a teacher, i could start out as a customer service representative and work my way up the company ladder. Then i could live with my parents in erie until i'm 40...ok maybe not. I guess in August i'll just have to go back to Crown and complete my studies, get married (hopefully and eventually), get a fulfilling job molding the minds of young children, and live out my life happily ever after, but you know life doesn't always go the way you want. Here is a pic that i tried to put on my last is all the teens that came to our destination Unknown, and behind them is our bonfire (before it was lit of course). I told you the thing was huge.

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