Thursday, June 15, 2006

Too much decorating...too little time

So today we started decorating for NBT. Most people came at 1, but Charles and i got there at 10. Of the four teachers that share my room, i was the only one that could make it today. Charles traced posters while i worked on other stuff. I put up streamers (crepe should be called creep paper...i hate that stuff). Then we started coloring the posters that Charles had traced. Remember when you were a little kid and you would ask your mom for coloring books and crayons? Then, you would color it as neatly as you could, all in one direction and inside the lines, and give it to your mommy to hang on the fridge. That was never me. I never really loved coloring...i preferred playing outside and reading (yeah, i was a loser as a kid too). Anyway, i spent just about forever coloring. Finally, just when i was almost done, Ted got there. Until then i was pretty much the only one working on my room (after tracing some of the posters, Charles left to help other teachers or do something with his friends). Anyway, ted and i tried to figure out where to hang the posters so the best ones would be seen, and the ones that weren't so great would blend into the background. Then we went to spy and see how the other rooms were doing. Needless to say, our room needs some serious help. We were trying to find an interactive decoration for our room, ya know something the kids can play with. Ted is hilarious, and we had ideas like bring a playstation, build a fort by stacking tables on top of each other, or get a live band (Ted plays guitar and i called the triangle or the kazoo). None of these ideas would ever fly with the other teachers, but we enjoyed making fun of our room. Finally Tiffany got there, and we made a sword and shield for the armor of God. Ted got a pretty good idea to make a wall decoration with tacks and tissue he started putting it up and then drafted his little sister and Tiffany's little sister to put the rest of it up. I have to admit, i wasn't really super comfortable letting little kids play with tacks, but hey, they enjoyed it. We decided to wrap the "day of fun" up at about 4, but we didn't even make it out of the building until 4:30...a bunch of little jobs kept popping up that we had to finish before we could leave. We have to go back tomorrow and finish our room least i hope finish it.

Charles's graduation party is next Saturday, and i wanted to beat him for having it the day after NBT. I have been drafted as the caterer, the photographer, the decorater, the memorablia table coordinator, and a thousand other things, so i have a busy week ahead of me. I am working on a scrapbook right now of Charles growing up. He was a pretty cute kid, but i refuse to put some pictures in because i refuse to let anyone see me in them. I had the dorkiest glasses, and our parents dressed us both in some pretty scary clothes. You know the pants with elastic around the ankles, or the red plaid dress paired with the pink rain boots, the super frilly pink Easter dress topped off by the white hat...oh yeah, there was the dukes of hazzard shirt. Don't laugh, look at pictures of yourself as a kid...your parents did it too.

Once i heard insanity defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, i guess i have officially reached the point of insanity. Against my better judgement, i once again tried to add pictures to a blog...of course, they didn't post...

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