Thursday, June 01, 2006

This is Eternal

So, as many of you know, i am still searching for a summer job, so i can return to the wonderful school i attend. I love it there, but i do hate the whole summer job application process. All day today i have been filling out apps online. (I started after i went somewhere where i thought i had a pretty good shot, only to be told they aren't even accepting applications.) It seems no one wants to hire someone who is only here for the summer. Anyway, i have typed my social security number 7,843,986 times, and i am going to start saying it in my sleep. Not to mention, i think i have memorized the address and phone number to the daycare i worked at in Tn (i never memorize numbers anymore, if i lost my phone my life would be over). I am really afraid that i am inching closer and closer to that "i can't find a job to save my life so i may have to work in a factory just to go back to school" point. I vowed i would never work at a factory again, but the longer i am home, the more i realize Crown is the place God has for me and i have to go back...whatever it takes (legally, of course)! I know God has a job for me...and he taught me a lot at the factory last summer (like how to work with 5 Bosnians, one of which had back hair so long you could braid long it stuck out over the back of his shirt...yeah, it was gross). But, seriously, God taught me to value school so much more because of the work i had to do to get there. Anyhoo...i have a tip from a girl in my church on a possible job..gonna check it out tomorrow or Monday...whenever i can get over there (man i need a car!!!!). Pray i get this job.

So right now i am reading a really good book (what else can i do when all i do is bum around all the time?). It is Dominion by Randy Alcorn. I already read the first one, Deadline (exceptional), and i looked on the internet today and found out that he has another one coming out soon, Deception...really looking forward to it.

Anyway...i gotta fill out another app...just pray i get something that isn't in a smelly, hot environment.

But before i go i thought i would leave you guys a picture of the beauty God has allowed me to live around...i may joke about erie, but we have the most beautiful sunsets. I found this pic online when i was in TN, and it just reminded me of how beautiful it is.

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