Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Snickers or Milky Way

So i have been informed that i haven't blogged in a few days...i guess time just got away from me. So i went to DQ sunday night with a bunch of my friends, Ryan and i got in a slight debate about which blizzard flavor is the best. He almost jumped when he saw snickers...personally i prefer Milky Way to snickers any day, but i don't think Milky way is a blizzard flavor, but i brought it up anyway. Of course Tammy took Ryan's side just cause they are dating...i am convinced that anyone with common sense would agree with me. I mean who would want to ruin that caramel goodness with nasty peanuts??? Anyway, Brian, Ted, Danny, Sarah, Alyssa, and Rachel all agreed with Ryan, but i had Charles, Kelly, Katie, and Colleen on my side. The disagreement kinda stopped when we both agreed that reese's is awesome...but then came the question, peanut butter cups or reeses pieces (reeses pieces any day). I am sure this little debate will surface again. So let me know...whose side are you on?

Keep praying for the job thing!!! I am still trying to figure everything out.


markus said...

sorry mary any other time i would be on your side.....not this time im a snickers kinda guy......and im a reeses cup kinda guy...................sorry... what can i say.. i know my ice cream..... maybe another of college will correct this sin problem of yours. milky way is for unsaved people.

Danielle said...

Milky way is the only way to go Mary. Mark has no idea what he is talking about....except for the Reese's cup thing-sorry. Reese's pieces just don't taste the same...oh well. Milky Way is definately better...Snickers is for pagan heathens-oops, did i say that out loud?