Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ice Cream Woes...not this time

So last night was fun...but kinda unexpected. I got ready for church, actually i got ready for church nursery where i was supposed to be. Well, mark has been telling me about a surprise for a few days, and when i got to church Colleen and i started talking and figured out that Mark and Colleen's friend Susan were coming to our church. Which is great, cause i haven't seen anyone from school (except Jamie and Trisha) since we got out. But of course there was the nursery dilema, and the fact that i was dressed for nursery (i looked like junk) not exactly what i like to wear when i actually sit in service. Anyway, my good friend mary took nursery for me and i got to stay in service with my friends. After service, we all wanted to do something, but we had to wait for Colleen to be done on the piano and Trisha to be done scooping ice cream. Yep, it wasn't me doing the scooping this time!

I am going to interject (like the big word?) something here. Who in the world thinks any kind of mint is a good ice cream flavor...give me vanilla any day...i'll eat chocolate chip cookie dough...strawberry is awesome, but MINT??? Seriously, whoever is trying to freshen their breath with ice cream needs some serious help anyway. I know most of this world disagreed with me on the milky way thing...but i think i'm right on this one. Tell me what you think! Anyway, the ice cream i grabbed at church last night was Andes you can tell i didn't exactly like it.

The night was fun...i think the fun started when Mark stole a note that one of the girls in my church had given me and i chased him across the parking lot. I stopped when i realized him reading the note would be far less embarassing than me slipping in the wet parking lot and falling on my face in front of everyone. However i am surprised i stayed off my face when i was running in the shoes i had on. They weren't exactly cross trainers. Then a bunch of us went out to Applebee's. We had fun. I got to talk to Susan for the first time in a few years (besides a few times on messenger), and she is a really sweet girl. Colleen was so excited that she came...i thought she might break out in a cartwheel, but she restrained herself really well. I hope they drop by again before the summer is over.

Anyway, let me know what you think about the ice cream thing. I know it's random, but without the random stuff, life would be so...predictable.

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markus said...

I love mint ice cream I also like dumb blonde girls.........I also like cheesy bean buritos they make me feel plentyful cheesy.